The Motor does not start?

Cause: When the unit is in the idle state the water in the pump reaches max pressure causing the motor to switch off.
Solution: Engage the trigger of the gun to let water flow out and relieve the pressure in the pump

Cause: The extension cord is too long or is not the proper gauge.
Solution: Replace the extension cord with either a 25’ (7.6 m) 14/2-gauge cord or a 50’ (15 m) 14/2-gauge cord.

Cause: The pressure washer circuit breaker was tripped off.
Solution: Allow the device to cool, and then restart it.

Device does not reach high pressure?

Cause: Water supply is low
Solution: Check the garden hose for kinks, leaks or blockage if the problem still persists, change hose to one with a 1” (25 mm) or 5/8” (13 mm) dimensioned garden hose.

Cause: The pump is sucking air.
Solution: Check if all hoses and fittings are airtight. Turn the device OFF, and purge the pump by pulling the trigger on the spray gun until a steady flow of water emerges through the nozzle. 

Detergent function is not working?

Cause: Detergent is too thick
Solution: Dilute the detergent

Cause: The filter on the detergent suction tube is clogged.
Solution: Run warm water through the filter to remove build-up.

Cause: The discharge nozzle is obstructed
Solution: Blow or remove debris with a fine needle

Motor hums but fails to run?

Cause: Supply voltage below minimum requirement.
Solution: Verify that only the pressure washer is running on the circuit.

Cause: System has residual pressure.
Solution: Turn the device OFF, pull the trigger on the spray gun to release pressure, and then turn the device back ON.

Cause: Voltage loss due to the extension cord
Solution: Unplug any extension cords attached and plug the unit directly into the outlet.

Cause: Residual friction among components. The device might hum.
Solution: Disconnect water supply and power ON for 2 to 3 seconds. Repeat this procedure a few times, or until the motor starts.

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