About Us - The Active Story

Active develops and manufactures products that responds to both human and business needs. Effectively performing at the intersection of Product Development, Strategic Innovation and Hardware Manufacturing.


For Active, the Product is the Solution.

Within the pressure washer industry, Active has been a leader for over 15 years. Providing solutions for global brands and retailers, Active has been a pioneer in terms of;


    Our Focus on Quality

    We design and manufacture for global brands and retailers, and understand first hand the requirements, demands and pain points of actual users worldwide. We take this feedback and it feeds the development of our products.

    Our Factory Partners

    Our joint venture facilities share our exact standards for quality and are vetted by independent third-party auditors from around the world. They are among the most advanced, respected and capable production facilities in the world.

    Rethinking the pump

    Most pressure washers in the market play the game of fake ratings and higher PSI’s.  Our field research and consumer feedback told us that more PSI’s are useless without more water flow, or, GPM.  We spent 3 years testing, prototyping and developing our patented 5-piston pump, which delivers more flow per PSI* than any other household pressure washer.


    Our Testing

    All aspects of our pressure washers are rigorously tested throughout the manufacturing process.

    CNC machined aluminum pumps go through careful inspection for any irregularities or defects that could damage seals or lead to a loss of performance.  


    Each of our maintenance-free, copper core motors are mated to a pump and tested before it goes into the machine.  Each is calibrated to run below its maximum amperage (unlike other manufacturers) in order to prolong motor life and avoid tripped fuses.

    built in-house at our own partner facility, all guns are 100% leak and pressure tested before shipment.

    Hoses are tested for tensile and pull strength, and are built to withstand constant abuse and bending.

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