Active Swivelling Short Gun - 304 S/S
Active Swivelling Short Gun - 304 S/S
Active Swivelling Short Gun - 304 S/S
Active Swivelling Short Gun - 304 S/S

Active Swivelling Short Gun - 304 S/S

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What's Inside the Box?

Fully Integrated Pressure Washer Short Gun

Product Description

PREMIUM SHORT GUN with 304 stainless steel QC fittings and integrated stainless steel swivel is the perfect accessory for all your detailing needs

INTEGRATED FITTINGS to save hassle of individual fittings and teflon threading to ensure seamless user experience preventing leaks and maintain best in class durability

304 STAINLESS STEEL SWIVEL allows smooth user experience and prevents encountering tangled and kinked hoses

LOW FORCE TRIGGER enables fatigue free operation and usage of pressure washer for all your detailing and home cleaning tasks for an extended period of time

304 STAINLESS FITTED 3/8” Male Inlet and 1/4” Female Quick Connector Outlet. With a maximum tolerance of 5000 PSI and 12 GPM (60,000 Cleaning Units of force) providing commercial grade application for all commercial and residential applications

ERGONOMIC DESIGN enables smaller profile built with the detailer in mind. Reduced angle and Active brand footprint enables gun to be 20% more compact that industry standards

Product Specifications

Inlet 3/8" 304 Stainless Steel
Outlet 1/4" 304 Stainless Steel
Swivel Internal 304 Stainless Steel Handle Premium TPR Rubber
Peak Pressure 5000 PSI Peak Flow 12 GPM
Max Temperature 150C/ 300F
Min Temperature 5C/ 40F
Trigger Lock Yes
Low Force Trigger Yes
Shipping Weight 2 Lbs.
Shipping Dimensions 250 x 250 x 50 mm

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