Active™ VE52 (FULL KIT) (M22-15)
Active™ VE52 (FULL KIT) (M22-15)
Active™ VE52 (FULL KIT) (M22-15)
Active™ VE52 (FULL KIT) (M22-15)
Active™ VE52 (FULL KIT) (M22-15)

Active™ VE52 (FULL KIT) (M22-15)

1800 PSI 2.0 GPM (With Accessory Kit)


What's Inside the Box?

Pressure Washer Tool

Accessory Storage Kit

20 ft. steel braided rubber hose with M22-15mm connections

Metal Gun

Metal Lance

3 Project Tips (Nozzles) – 0,15,40 degrees

600ml foam cannon with 1.25mm orifice

M22-15mm to M22-14mm Adapter - Brass

Product Description

Note: This item ships to Continental US + HI, AK, PR only!

POWERFUL PATENTED ALUMINIUM 5-PISTON PUMP – Increases power by 30%, Increases cleaning by 20% and decreases vibration by 30% when compared to a standard 3-Piston Pump

HIGH WATER FLOW & PRESSURE – The 1800-watt motor with the pump helps generate a peak pressure of 1800 PSI and an increased water flow of 2.0 GPM gives you 3600 cleaning units

HIGH QUALITY ACCESSORIES – Equipped with a 20-foot real rubber hose (M22-15mm), 3 QC nozzles (0,15,40), 600ml foam blaster, metal lance/ gun and 35-foot electric cord with GFCI

PRESSURE HOSE - 1/4" M22-15mm Rubber Hose (20') note: M22-14mm hoses are not compatible with this pressure washer, use appropriate accessories to connect!

2 Year Residential Warranty on Full Unit & All Accessories. Contact our customer support at 1- 844-777-4555 for required assistance

Product Specification

Load Voltage 120V/ 60 Hz Soap Application 600ml Foam Blaster
Rated Current 13A Power Cord 35 ft. 16 AWG w GFCI
Peak Pressure 1800 PSI Hose 20 ft. Rubber - M22-15
Working Pressure 1100 PSI Motor 9650 Universal
Water Flow 2 GPM Pump Patented 5 Piston
Gun Assembly Metal Construction Switch Push Button
Product Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pump outlet size of the Active VE52 Pressure Washer?

The Active VE52 pressure washer comes with an M22-15mm connection. All M22-15mm adapters are compatible with the Active VE52. If you desire to use M22-14mm fittings, you need to utilize the provided M2215-14mm adapter to convert the outlet size. Note: The provided adapter is not to be used with M22-15mm accessories.

What size nozzle orifice comes with the Active VE52 nozzles and what after market sizes can I use?

The Active VE52 pressure washer comes with size 3.7 orifices. The recommended orifice range on the VE52 is size 3.5 to 4.0 orifice nozzles.

What size nozzle orifice comes with the Active VE52 stock foam cannon and what after market sizes can I use?

The foam cannon which comes with the Active VE52 has a pre-installed 1.25mm orifice. If you are using an aftermarket foam cannon, it is recommended to stick with a 1.25mm orifice as a 1.1mm may cause the unit to overwork and trip breakers.

Can I use a 50’ or longer hose with the Active VE52?

Yes, the Active VE52 now comes with an upgraded purpose built 2-stage cut-off valve. This reduces sensitivity of the pressure washer to longer hoses and prevents cycling of the pump.

What Pump and Motor is used on the Active VE52?

The Active VE52 comes with a 9650 Universal Motor and a Patented 5-Piston Pump.

What do I do when I face a product defect or performance issue with the Active VE52?

Read the product manual thoroughly before set-up and operation. In the manual you will find advice on how to resolve most common issues faced in troubleshooting a pressure washer. If the problem cannot be resolved with the troubleshooting, contact our support line on or call us on 1-844-777-4555 (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm EST)

What is the warranty on the Active VE52 pressure washer?

The Active VE52 pressure washer comes with a 2-Year Residential Use warranty. Refer the product manual for further details.

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